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Sparking Hill Resort and Spa Review

Hey guys!

Thanks for all your support lately on all my social media platforms! I love making content and writing these blog posts so I really appreciate all of you who watch my videos and read my posts.

Today's post is a review of Sparkling Hill Resort and Spa in Vernon, BC. I posted lots of Instagram photos/stories and a TikTok video of this place, and so many of you were asking me if this place is worth the money.

As mentioned, this place is in Vernon, BC. If you live in the Lower Mainland like me, this means you're in for quite a long (and rough) drive. My boyfriend and I decided to drive up at the end of February (not expecting any snow) and holy shit, there was so much snow. I'd also like to add that my car doesn't have snow tires. As you can guess, this made the drive even more tedious. There's one area on the Coquihalla Highway that gets MASS amount of snow. Needless to say, my boyfriend and I were not prepared for it in the slightest.

After almost dying in a snowstorm and 5 hours of driving, we made it to the resort! This place is absolutely beautiful. I don't even think photos do it justice. It's beautifully designed and the entrance makes you feel as if you're entering some sort of 'new school' castle. After checking into the room, we were super shocked about the amazing view and HUGE bathtub. If you can't already tell by my Instagram photos, I'm a sucker for a nice bathtub. I also came prepared for the bath and brought a bunch of bath bombs from Lush. Although, the resort left a bunch of bath salts and bubble bath so I didn't even need to bring anything. The resort is also filled with millions of Swarovski crystals. There's hundreds in each of the rooms, and they're elegantly placed around all the common areas in the resort as well. This place definitely makes you feel boujee.

There's also an outdoor infinity pool that overlooks the lake and an indoor pool and hot tub (where photography isn't allowed). There's also dozens of spa services you can get done for an additional cost and many steam rooms and saunas to relax in. The resort does an excellent job at making it a place to unwind. 'Tranquil' would be the word I would use to describe this place.

The ONLY negative aspect about this resort in my opinion was the food (lmfao). The package we booked included free dinner at their in house restaurant called PeakFine. I want to mention that I'm vegetarian, and there were very limited food items that I could eat. I was sort of forced to eat the same food for every meal and in my opinion it wasn't that great. They did, however, have plentiful options for meat eaters. So, if you eat meat you most likely would enjoy the food a bit more than I did. I'd also like to mention that in my desperation I tried to get a pizza (or any other food) delivered and unfortunately no restaurants delivered to the hotel. So, if you're vegetarian, vegan, or a picky eater, I'd definitely suggest stocking up on some snacks before you arrive so you don't go hungry.

The price point for this resort is roughly $350/night. This price obviously differs based off the view and size of the room, but I think their pricing is fair for what's included. This place is great if you're looking for a romantic weekend away with your special someone!

Here's a little video of some of the shots from a King Bed Lake View room:


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